Der Natur Erleichterung verschaffen.
Mit der Entsorgung tausender Liter Abwasser täglich


Had it not been for mobile toilets, the nature would have had monumental problems. Therefore, our various mobile toilets play an active role in protecting the environment. However, the ecological responsibility started a lot earlier for us in that every day we produce and act in an environmentally way. This begins with the production of our cabins, which are ground-based meaning that they can be easily disposed of. All of our products be it cabins or sanitary containers have been constructed so light that by transport, very little fuel is used.

However, we are thinking about the in an even more deliberate way. So for example, our company fleet cars have been manufactured to be very energy efficient. The sanitary cleaning fluids are biologically degradable and so their usage and that of our water saving fittings preserves the environment.

Moreover, we dispose all sewage according to the strict guidelines of the waste recycling law and the disposal regulations. This is standard for us. We were one of the first service providers in Germany to receive the DIN EN ISO 9001certification and since 1997 we have been certified as a waster disposal company.

However we don’t want to stand on our laurels. Unique for this branch are our own quality managers fulfilling numerous quality checks, in fact we carry out checks on over seven thousand cabins.