Unser Service-Mobil.

Our Service-Truck
Our state of the art, personally developed Service-Truck, and our excellently trained experts guarantee a smooth process.

Maintenance and Installation
Our teams offer you an on-site, comprehensive service. The driver delivers the sanitary equipment, positions them according to the customers wish and then comes collects it when all has been done. Depending on the type, all water and sewage mains connections are carried out according to official regulations.

When it comes to the subject cleanliness, our drivers show no comprise. They are the link to our customers and so they personally guarantee for the safety and service quality. In addition, we regularly carry out independent quality control checks to check the condition of our cabins.

We guarantee the disposal of sewage according to the strict guidelines of the waste recycling law and the disposal regulations. This is standard for us. We were one of the first service providers in Germany to receive the DIN EN ISO 9001 certification and we are certified as a waster disposal company.